Download from Maven2 repository

If you are using maven 2 (good for you), you can add geo-google as a dependency to your maven2 pom.xml. Maven2's recursive dependency resolver should automatically pull in all the necessary third party dependencies.

                <version><!-- the version you want --></version> 
                <name>geogoogle repo</name>

Observe that the above repository is a private one, in case it's down or you don't want to trust a private repository, follow the instructions below to manually install the jar to your local repository.

Manually install to your local Maven2 repository

  • Go to and download the binary distro. * install geoGoogle-(version).jar to your local repository
            mvn install:install-file  -DgroupId=geoGoogle -DartifactId=geoGoogle -Dpackaging=jar -Dversion=<version> -Dfile="path to the jar file"

    The jar package already contain the some meta data for maven 2 to pull down the necessary third party dependencies. In case it didn't work, add the following third party dependencies to your project if you don't already have them.

                    <version><!-- the version you want --></version>

Non Maven2 users

If you are not using Maven2 for your project, take a look at the lib directory in the binary distro and add all those jars to your projects.


Building from source

  • Building from source is easy if you already have maven 2 install. If not, download and install maven 2 ( )
  • After maven 2 is installed and working correctly, go to the source code directory and type 'mvn package' and get the binary build in the 'target' sub directory.